A Call and a Claim

The Spirit calls the call of life to follow its own direction.
Seeking fullfilment of all, means to be humanly alive,
freedom to explore the limits of our potential,

to escape rigid roles and predetermined patterns.

Exhilaration and serenity in living,
Enraptured by the very awareness of our instance,
is to learn, perhaps, that our potential has no scope
no limits has our imagination.

The Mind claims the claim of obligation,

responsibility, preparation.

Not rejecting but fulfilling the life we were born into,
going on to our adventurous search,
hurting no one, looking for freedom and for worthiness,
Paying the price in time for the profit of peace
Owing nothing, needing nothing,
Strengthened with knowledge, independence, skill
Free, not only in Spirit but in Mind

I am heeding the call and absolving the claim,

It is time to find freedom
it is time to find love.



© 2000 George Pararas-Carayannis

The realization of truth is more difficult than its discovery.

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