I Am The Sea

I am older than time
Though my face doesn't give me away.
I am the root of life through the centuries,
A cold tomb to millions.
You can feel me in the rhythm of your birth.
I salt-scent the air and the ropes and the skin,
Mirror all earth's weather with ease,
And let the moon ride my back, without charge,
We are partners!

Summer blue - Winter, foam white,
A thin silver ribbon, for autumn,
And the rain-washed green for chill spring days.
I possess a seasonal wardrobe,
And seductively float my emerald hair on dark rocks for special occasions.
Poets call me angry, cite my roar, salute my music and my mystery.
And it's all true - and more,
For spray-bleached beaches run out to meet me,
Neon worlds swim deep inside me,
And they always have.

And to prove that none of the virtues escape me,
I carve secret scribblings on beautiful shells,
And how I sculpture rocks, silk or daggered to the touch.

Can you imagine life without me?
I am the valley of tomorrow
The city of the future


© 2000 George Pararas-Carayannis

The realization of truth is more difficult than its discovery.

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