Looking for light,
in destiny's landscape,
the awes of nature eliciting,
I find mountains, tall and fissured by age,
imposing canyons, outposts of emptiness,
then a yellow-streaked sky,
a canvas, moving,
constantly changing,
rare sparks, dying ablaze,
then find darkness.


Elaborate prohibitions shielding my path,
unfulfilled life's delusions,
rites of passage forbidden,
remnants of blabbering demons,
belittling my existence,
in a place of dead things,
I wonder,
of things extinct, of things that lived,
in a sea of words unspoken and thoughts untought.

In the illusive periphery of the night,
and in my mind's darkness,
still eroding values
I worship,
and my heart stands still in silence,
captive in a universe of obscurity,
surprised by the re-emerging sadness,
of almost extinct memories.


Eternity swings and heaves around me,
in confusion's turmoil,
alive but breathless,
Bathed in sweat of lust,
more seductive than virgin flesh,
I wonder,
by the night's edge,
my mind rolling,
gazing out upon worn-out truths,
still preserved in honor, refined by experience,
but limited.

without feelings of disdain,
for God's whispers I listen carefully,
for untamed silence and thunder

from a distant universe,
for some brilliant fire from within me,
I search,
for some trace of inspiration,
anticipating dawn.

Feeling the lust for my eye's new vision,
driven oblivious in shrouded gardens of memory,
with silly, unrelenting purpose,
here at the extreme outpost of knowing and not knowing,
swaying captive,
bound between sea and sky,
the moon and star-omens at last tug me onward,
in a seesaw rhythm that accompanies seagulls in flight,

gently undulating,
a truth fantastic slowly emerges.
I rediscover clarity,
a lone fire, still burning,
a fringing swell of heart and mind,

Unstopped now, elated, I cry out, I shout,
loud into the night, into the wind , into the universe,


© 2000 Oct / George Pararas-Carayannis


© 2000 George Pararas-Carayannis

The realization of truth is more difficult than its discovery.

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