(translated from the Greek)

For a long journey you left me

never to come again

and nature now stands sleepless,


The depths of thought I question

just where you may just now be

What distant seas you're sailing,

What foreign shores you visit

what can your closed eyes see.

But pale curtain my light is
despair floods my heart

without breath my sunsets,

the forests without hope.

On a little mountain path I saw you
walking down, and that was only yesterday,

so long ago

Your face was full of joy,
your hands were holding flowers,
Fast in your walk, almost floating,
straight and bright.
and I said - Look here comes May.

And it was spring,
Life was just beginning,
and it was Sunday, with light and music,
A joyous song life was

But suddenly, the cursed evening
spread all its darkness round you,
with its black clouds,
and like a ghost,
surrounded your body
and stole you
right from my very eyes,
Sweeping away our joy
Throwing ashes into our dreams,
wreckages into our hearts,

jealous of the soft wind of your youth,
Of your bright sweet glow,
jealous of the sound of your laughter,
Cursed, dark that evening was

And now,

without light is your face

your hands are forever cold.

Your lips are now silent,

Your eyes forever closed,


© 2000 George Pararas-Carayannis

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