Collision of Oscillating Voids

Assuming a symmetrical Universe,
Beyond time and space,
Beyond change or polarity,
Beyond good or evil,
Heaven or hell,
Light or darkness,
Agony or ecstacy,

Beyond consciousness, Indifferent,

Expanding three-dimensionally and adiabatically,
As shown by the red shift of the spectrum,

Fed by decaying processes of matter,
With time and energy reversals,
In undefined expanses of eternity,
Its arrow of time pointed towards itsf uture,
Started from an original supercosmic "BIG-BANG",
That no one knows how it happened,
Or why, or when,
From an undefinable zero-point of Space-Time,
Obeying E=mc2, or so it seems,

Collides with an imploding Universe,
Undergoing similar processes of decay,
Traveling through its future to its past,
Its arrow of time pointing backward,
Converging from infinity into ZERO,
The real image of the same reflection,

Both luxuriant illusions of the Supracosmic Emptiness,
Which is the ultimate source of all existence,
Oscillating , bouncing "AD INFINITUM",
In primordial, antediluvian expanses of void and nothingness,

What Then?


© 2000 George Pararas-Carayannis

The realization of truth is more difficult than its discovery.

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