Return from an Alien Garden

From the dark and cold of the night,
I shall go in
To steal
A flowering branch
From the last flowering tree.

I will climb over the stone wall
To the wonder of the alien garden,
To the shine of your smile,
To the warmth of your touch,
My shadow lost in your shadow.

Before winter becomes,
And the whispers of life all subside,
I shall watch
The last flowering tree changing
To a cascade of fragrant flowers,
To a river of luminous embers.

From the dark and cold of the night,
Like a seagull flying a windless sky,
I shall glide
Through the window of the alien garden,
To the sea of your eyes,
To the fire of your heart.

I will take both your hands
And I'll steal,
What is left of the stars,
What is rightfully mine.

Silently, solemnly
From the night and the shadows,
From the cold and from winter,
We'll return to our house,
To the light and to joy,
To the hope and to spring,
Your footsteps following mine
Your laughter an echoing melody,
Your heart ever closer to mine
Far away from the darkness of night,
To the way it has been in my dreams.


© 2000 George Pararas-Carayannis

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